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AP English IV


Anglo-Saxon Notes
Medieval Notes
Renaissance Notes
Restoration Notes
Romantic Notes
Victorian Notes
Poetry Notes
AP Book Cards
Extra Credit

AP English Literature and Composition is the "proper" name for this class.  The purpose of AP English IV is to prepare students to take the AP Literature and Composition Exam at the end of the year.  This exam is an opportunity for the students enrolled in the class to earn college credit, for less.  

The pace of this class is much faster than that of English IV since this class is a college level class and carries with its name more prestige on your student's transcript.  As a result, I expect each student enrolled in AP English IV to complete all reading and writing assignments on time and with little to no complaining about how hard or boring the assignments are.  The class name should indicate a challenge that will bring with it a degree of difficulty that will challenge students to grow intellectually.

Parents must understand that this course is a higher level college course, and as a result students will be required to read more mature novels and discuss these novels with objectivity in class.  Please be sure to see a copy of the course syllabus for a more complete reading list.