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Class Rules



1. BE ON TIME - this means when the tardy bell rings you will be in your seat working on your bell activity. If you are tardy, you will be written up as tardy.
2. BE PREPARED - coming to class with all supplies and homework/reading assignments completed.
3. BE RESPECTFUL - if you want to be treated with respect then YOU must give your classmates and ME respect. This includes being quiet while I am speaking or when a classmate has the “floor.”
4. GO TO THE BATHROOM AND WATER FOUNTAIN BETWEEN CLASSES - if there is a bladder problem I will be more than glad to speak with a parent/guardian and see a doctor’s note.
5. BE AT SCHOOL - if you are not here then you cannot learn. Also, if you miss a day it is YOUR job to get your make-up work. I will not remind you of YOUR work. We will also have projects and memory work due through out the year. You will have at least 2 weeks to work on these assignments and before you turn them in. If you are absent the day it is due, your work will be considered LATE. Do it early and there will not be a problem. I do not listen to Memory Work after the due date.