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Extra Credit



Each nine weeks, AP students may write one short researched paper on any of the novels, plays, or poems we read in class, or you may choose to write about an additional work by an author we have studied in class.

The paper must be 3-4 pages typed with a works cited page and appropriate documentation in the body of the paper.  Note:  A good rule of thumb is to average one external source per page of a researched paper so you will need 4-5 sources total (the primary source, or literary work, and 3-4 secondary sources, or critical articles).  You do not have to quote all the secondary sources, but to have a thorough understanding of what your topic, you should read several secondary sources in your research.

The paper must be in correct MLA style.  This is the style you used last year as a junior for your term paper.  However, if you have forgotten anything, you may consult with the MLA web site, the MLA guide, copies of which can be found in my room or the library, or the OWL site of Purdue University.

Your papers should NOT be bound which will make your margins one inch all the way around.  Also, the there is no title page.  Your name, my name, the class, the date should all be located on the top of the first page.  Following you will find an example of how the first page should look.

Of course, be sure you follow the proper margins for an unbound paper which can be found in any MLA guide.

 Smith 1


Jane Smith

Mrs. Beckett-Willis

AP English IV

8 November 2006

A Study of Spiritual Matters in Crime and Punishment

The above is of course just an example title.  You get to choose your own topic when you write these researched literary analysis papers.

A couple of useful links:

The OWL at Purdue Univeristy:  This site provides examples on how your paper should look when properly formatted, examples work cited entries, and parentheical documentation.  This site also covers other writing situations like resumes and cover letters.

Long Island Univeristy:  This site just provides how to information for a Works Cited page.