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Extra Credit



English Extra Credit Book Cards

Supplies—4 x 6 index cards, time, knowledge of book, neat handwriting,

Each nine weeks, students may turn in book cards on the novel or play we read during that nine weeks as extra credit.  For Seniors the literary works we will be reading are Frankenstein, Hamlet, Macbeth, Lord of the Flies, and Jane Eyre.  The number of cards you turn in will vary by book.  For Juniors the literary works we will be reading are The Scarlet Letter, The Great Gatsby, The Red Badge of Courage, and The Old Man and the Sea.

Extra credit work is due by the week before 9 weeks tests; however, students may turn in their completed extra credit any time before then.  I will not accept any extra credit the week of tests or exams because I must have time to grade the work.

*Students just turning something in does not qualify you for a grade of 100.  I will be checking this work and grading it like I would any other assignment.*


I.            Authorial Background (include reasons for writing): 2-3 cards

II.          Literary Period and Country:  1-2 cards

III.        Setting—time, place, etc.  For longer works this section will of course be longer.  The more places a work occurs, the more cards you will have.

IV.      Characters:  Major characters and important minor characters.  Give three quotes by or about each character and the significance of the quote.  The quotes should reveal such things as character strengths and weaknesses, how other characters respond to the character, how the character feels about the conflict in the story, lessons the character may learn, or other issues along these lines.  The number of cards in this section will vary depending upon the number of characters in the work.

V.       Theme(s):  You need to have 2-3 sentences for each major theme in the work.  All great literature has more than one major theme so keep this in mind while you complete this section.

VI.      Plot Summary:  This section needs to be a minimum of 8 full cards.  Of course the longer the work, the longer the plot summary.

VII.    Unique literary devices:  symbolism, allusions, irony, framework narrative, etc. and be sure to include the significance of the device to the work as a whole.  I.e.  Explain the importance of the major symbols if that is the unique literary device and be sure to give the example.