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Senior Words



Vocabulary 23

  1. Bode [v]: to be a sign or omen of; to portend

  2. Burnish [n]:  a glossy finish; luster [v]:  to polish; to make shiny by rubbin

  3. Coerce [v]:  to compel; to force; to dominate or restrain by force

  4. Esoteric [adj]: intended for or understood by only a few; confidential; private

  5. Gauntlet [n]: a long, heavy, protective glove; a metal-plated glove, part of a knight’s armor

  6. Mete [v]: to give according to measure or one’s judgment; to allot or distribute

  7. Misnomer [n]: a wrong name; an error in naming a person, place, or thing

  8. Mottled [adj]: marked with spots, blotches, or streaks of different colors

  9. Terra Firma [n]: solid earth; firm ground

  10. Vantage Point [n]: a position that allows a clear view or understanding, an advantageous point

 Vocabulary 24

  1. Acrimonious [adj]: sharp or bitter in language or manner

  2. Anachronism [n]: anything out of its proper historical or chronological time; the thing incorrectly placed; a person or idea considered as out of date

  3. Atrophy [v]: to waste away; to wither [n]: a wasting away, especially of a part or parts of the body

  4. Consternation [n]: great fear or shock that leaves one confused and bewildered; great dismay

  5. Desist [n]: to stop doing something; to cease; to abstain

  6. Enigma [n]: a riddle or puzzle; something puzzling or unexplainable; a mystery

  7. Expound [v]: to interpret; to set forth or explain in detail

  8. Loquacious [adj]: fond of talking; talkative

  9. Precursor [n]: something or someone that goes before or indicates what is to follow; a fore-runner; a predecessor, as in office

  10. Voluminous [adj]: very large; capable of filling volumes

 Vocabulary 25

  1. Assiduous [adj]: careful and attentive; persevering

  2. Aver [v]: to declare to be true; to state positively

  3. Cessation [n]: a temporary or final ceasing; a pause or stop

  4. Equanimity [n]: evenness of mind or temper; calmness; composure

  5. Denizen [n]: an inhabitant; a person, a plant, or an animal at home in a particular region

  6. Iniquity [n]: sin; wickedness; injustice

  7. Inordinate [adj]: much to great; excessive; immoderate

  8. Mercurial [adj]: unpredictable changeable; quick and changeable in character

  9. Pecuniary [adj]: concerning money; in the form of money

  10. Tenable [adj]: capable of being held or defended; defensible

 Vocabulary 26

  1. Avarice [n]: too great a desire for money and property; greed

  2. Conciliate [v]: to win over; to appease; to gain good will or favor by being friendly

  3. Corollary [n]: something that follows once something else has been proven; a deduction; a natural consequence; a result

  4. Duress [n]: the use of force or threats to compel someone to act in a certain manner; coercion

  5. Espouse [v]: to advocate or support a cause; to take up; to marry

  6. Extenuate [v]: to excuse or serve as an excuse; to make the magnitude of something, such as a guilt, fault or offense, seem less

  7. Rancor [n]: ongoing bitter hate or ill will

  8. Quell [v]: to quiet; to put down or suppress by force; to put an end to something

  9. Fissure [n]: a narrow or deep split, crack, or opening; [v]: to split or break open; to break into parts

  10. Impeccable [adj]: faultless; without flaw; incapable of wrongdoing

 Vocabulary 27

  1. Burgeoning [v]: to develop or grow quickly; to sprout

  2. Caricature [n]: a picture or description of a person or thing in which certain features are exaggerated for a satirical effect; a ludicrous imitation; [v]: to create such a picture or description

  3. Evanescent [adj]: tending to disappear or fade away; fleeting; vanishing

  4. Commiserate [v]: to sympathize with or express sympathy for; to condole

  5. Festoon [n]: to string flowers, paper, or the like hung as decoration; [v]: to decorate with such an adornment

  6. Gambol [v]: to run and jump in play; to frolic; [n]: a skipping or running about

  7. Maudlin [adj]: excessively sentimental

  8. Pallor [n]: a lack of color, particularly in the face

  9. Remuneration [n]: a payment for goods or services; a compensation for losses

  10. Venal [adj]: willing to sell one’s services or influence for money; open to bribes; corruptible

 Vocabulary 28

  1. Abstruse [adj]: hard to understand

  2. Apostasy [n]: a complete forsaking of what one has believed in

  3. Bauble [n]: a showy trifle of little value; a useless toy or trinket

  4. Bullion [n] ingots, bars, or plates of gold or silver

  5. Fresco [n]: the art of painting with watercolors on wet plaster; a picture so painted

  6. Frugal [adj]: avoiding waste; thrifty; economical

  7. Iridescent [adj]: showing the colors of the rainbow in a changing pattern

  8. Opulence [n]: wealth or riches; luxuriousness; abundance

  9. Promontory [n]: a high point of land extending into a body of water; headland

  10. Usury [n]: the practice of charging a very high interest or an unlawful rate of interest on a loan

 Vocabulary 29

  1. Abscond [v]: to run away; to leave suddenly and secretly and hide, especially to escape the law

  2. Adjure [v]: to command or charge someone, often under oath or penalty, to do something; to ask or to entreat earnestly

  3. Aspersion [n]: a damaging, false remark; slander; a slur; the act of slandering or defaming someone

  4. Circumvent [v]: to surround and trap by cleverness; to avoid or go around

  5. Ethereal [adj]: very light and airy; delicate; unearthly; celestial

  6. Ignominy [n]: a public disgrace; public dishonor; disgraceful, shameful behavior

  7. Malign [adj]: evil; malicious [v]: to speak evil of; to defame or slander

  8. Malinger [v]: to pretend to be sick to escape work or duty; to shirk

  9. Prognosis [n]: a forecast; a prediction about the course of a disease and the chance of recovery

  10. Remonstrate [v]: to object; to protest; to argue against some action

 Vocabulary 30

  1.  Biennial [adj]: occurring every two years; living or lasting for two years

  2. Capricious [adj]: tending to change quickly without apparent reason; erratic; impulsive

  3. Elicit [v]: to draw out; to bring forth; to evoke

  4. Emaciate [v]: to make unnaturally thin; to waste away from hunger or disease

  5. Equivocal [adj]: having two or more meanings; ambiguous; evasive; of uncertain value or outcome; undecided; questionable

  6. Extort [v]: to obtain by threats or force

  7. Fiasco [n]: a complete or ridiculous failure

  8. Longevity [n]: long life; length of life

  9. Reprisal [n]: injury done for injury received, especially by one nation to another; the act of returning an injury for an injury received; retaliation

  10. Taciturn [adj]: not fond of speaking; quiet; reserved