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Student Newsletter




WELCOME BACK!! I am excited about a new year! I know the summer was not long enough; however, I hope to make this class an enjoyable experience. I do not want to make any demands on you that you feel are unfair or unreasonable; therefore, at any time feel free to talk to me. In this newsletter I will outline my expectations and goals, along with rules and a supply list. After we have gone over everything and answered all questions, I will ask you to sign a form stating that you have read and understand this news letter. There will also be a letter for your parents to read and sign and send back. THIS WILL BE YOUR FIRST HOMEWORK GRADE!!!!!


I do have high expectations for each student. There is not one student in this class who cannot live up to these expectations. Read this list carefully and be sure you understand it!! I expect each student to:
*act like a lady or gentleman
* respect each otherís work, property, and feelings
* respect ME
* do your work
* be in class on time
* be in class daily
* do your make-up work
* be prepared
* understand all rules
* ask questions!

I try to keep rules simple so that you can remember them. Read this section VERY carefully.

1. BE ON TIME - this means when the tardy bell rings you will be in your seat working on your bell activity. If you are tardy, you will be written up as tardy, and you will initial the write up or be written up for being disrespectful and insubordinate.
2. BE PREPARED - coming to class with all supplies and homework/reading assignments completed.
3. BE RESPECTFUL - if you want to be treated with respect then YOU must give your classmates and ME respect.
4. GO TO THE BATHROOM AND WATER FOUNTAIN BETWEEN CLASSES - if there is a bladder problem I will be more than glad to speak with a parent/guardian and see a doctorís note; otherwise, handle this problem before coming to my class.
5. BE AT SCHOOL - if you are not here then you cannot learn. Also, if you miss a day it is YOUR job to get your make-up work. I will not remind you of YOUR work. We will also have projects due through out the year. You will have at least 2 weeks to work on this and turn it in. If you are absent the day it is due, turn it in early because it WILL NOT be taken late. Do it early and there will not be a problem.

These are the top five rules for my room. I also expect each and every student to follow the rules outlined in the student handbook.


" Pencils
" Black ink pens
" Paper
" Completed assignments

Pen/Pencil, paper you will need daily to take notes. Be sure you have your supplies.

School phone--456-3320 (2:30--3:30)